WedPro Business Solutions

WedPro Business Solutions

The weekly WedPro Business Solutions Podcast offers systems and process solutions as well as marketing tips to increase your visibility in the digital space, so you scale your wedding business and see a higher return on your investment. For over 16 years, Podcast Host, Kristina Stubblefield has served as a marketing strategist and business coach. She was also once a wedding vendor. In these easily digestible and informative podcast episodes, Kristina will provide business solutions and marketing information that can be immediately implemented to make an impact on your business.

Recent Episodes

Navigating the juggling act of inquiries, leads and booked events

Jan. 30, 2023

Wedding professionals are often overwhelmed by the amount of inquiries, leads, and existing clients that they must manage. This can be referred to as a juggling act. Kristina Stubblefield, host of the WedPro Business Solutio…

Securing Your Business: Usernames, Passwords & More!

Jan. 23, 2023

Listen in as I talk about how to protect your business from cyber threats with security solutions. Let’s be honest, the thought of taking extra time of using complex passwords is not appealing. If you’re like most, you set a…

The Convenience of Automation: Scheduling Appointments Online

Jan. 16, 2023

If you're feeling frustrated with your current appointment scheduling process and are looking for a more efficient way to schedule appointments or venue tours, then this episode is for you! In this episode, you will learn: 1…

Video Testimonials are GOLD!

Jan. 9, 2023

BY THE TIME YOU FINISH LISTENING, YOU’LL UNDERSTAND video testimonials are not only great for organic SEO but they are key for helping potential new customers make a decision to choose you for their wedding! Overview: 1. 79%…

The Key to Booking More Events? Follow Up with your Leads!

Jan. 2, 2023

By nurturing and following up with your leads, you will increase conversions and book more events. Most of the focus is on generating leads and little to no attention on follow up or staying in contact with prospective clien…

Consistency Wins! How to Become a Magnet to Attract Business

Dec. 26, 2022

In this podcast episode, Kristina is sharing one of her best year end tips with wedding professionals everywhere… and it revolves around your client’s journey! Listen in as she shares how to stand out from your competition, …

About the Host

Kristina Stubblefield Profile Photo

Kristina Stubblefield

Podcast Host/Digital Marketing Strategist/Systems & Processes Guru

Kristina launched her career as an advertising and marketing consultant in 2007 when she had the opportunity to be part of a startup magazine. From the building of business relationships for advertising and printing, graphic and website design as well as development and maintenance; the tremendous industry knowledge and skillset that she developed afforded her the opportunity to collaborate with her local community. Kristina’s experiences during that time are what facilitated her realization that she had a passion for helping small businesses with their systems, processes, and marketing efforts. In the years since, she has sharpened her skillset and become an expert in the industry offering business/marketing coaching, virtual showcases, marketing services and classes.

Beyond her immense marketing knowledge, Kristina went to school for her Microsoft Certified Solutions Engineer (MCSE). She uses her experience in IT and offers her specialized experience in website creation, streamlining systems and processes, understanding analytics, optimizing SEO and thoroughly understands all the facets of digital marketing that allow for online success.

Although Kristina’s vision has narrowed to helping wedding professionals, she remains sought out by business owners across a multitude of industries. Kristina’s work amongst the wedding industry started alongside a local DJ in the early 2000’s. The work she did then became a steppingstone for working with a local venue assisting with wedding planning and other event details. Being a change agent and a connector, Kristina has merged all the things she loves most - coaching, systems and processes, digital marketing and events and dived deep into the wedding industry in 2020 starting a globally ranked podcast that offers digestible and implementable systems, processes, and marketing tips to wedding professional and wedding planning tips to engaged couples. After months of meeting and interviewing wedding professionals and engaged couples and listening to their pain points, the plan for an all-encompassing online wedding community was implemented... The Ring The Bling And All The Things Online Community!

Kristina feels privileged to own and operate numerous brands and businesses with her loving husband, Josh Stubblefield who has shared her passion for results and serving the businesses that make up the heart of any community. They are supported by an amazing team who believes in them and their joint mission to provide genuine feedback (real talk) , superior results and proven solutions - the foundation of any successful business.

Outside of work, Kristina enjoys spending time with family, her four fur babies, being involved in her family’s stock car racing business as well as the rare moments of downtime.

Kristina is a proud member of the Association of Bridal Consultants and The St. Matthew’s Chamber of Commerce. She is a frequent philanthropic practitioner and volunteers her time and talents for multiple local non-profits.