Nov. 7, 2022

Adapt & Evolve Your Wedding Business or Be Left Out: PART 1

Today's episode was such a gold mine of information and contained so many eye-opening moments for wedding vendors that I am splitting it up in 3 parts! I sat down with bride-to-be Brittany Murphy, who also happens to be a marketing business owner, to discuss her less than desirable experience of searching for wedding vendors. Listen in to hear her frustrations and insights to ensure you aren’t making the same mistakes in your business.

In part 1, Brittany and I discuss how a wedding vendor search is a reactive process due to getting engaged, having a set of problems that need to be resolved and looking for solutions to those problems through online searches… and today’s savvy searchers aren’t just looking at reviews, photos, videos, your website information, and social media presence, they are looking at the whole picture! These savvy searchers also have limited time to do their research. Are you making their experience easy? This first experience they have of you and your online presence needs to give them the know, like and trust factor or they will get bored, give up and move on! I hope you’ll tune in to this “POWERBALL” of an episode! It will change your thinking about the way you are… or aren’t marketing your business!

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 Kristina Stubblefield  00:00

Welcome to the WedPro Business Solutions podcast. I'm your host, Kristina Stubblefield. And today I'm doing something a little different with this episode. It was such a goldmine of information, and contained so many eye opening moments for wedding vendors, that I'm actually splitting it into three parts. I sat down with bride to be Brittany Murphy, who also happens to be a marketer for the past 10 years to discuss her less than desirable experience of searching for wedding vendors. listen in to hear her frustrations and insights to ensure you aren't making the same mistakes in your business. Now, let's get started. You are in for maybe one of the best podcast episodes ever. No pressure Brittany ever, ever. But let me tell you why you want to pay close attention. If you're a wedding professional, maybe even if you're not a wedding professional but a business owner, I bet there will be something for you to take away in this episode. So let me introduce you to my guest, Brittany Murphy. I've known her for quite a few years, she has been in the marketing industry for almost 10 years. And guess what? She's engaged in planning her own special day. She's got the bling. Finally, we don't have to go there. But Brittany and I, our guests, our podcast, and the conversation came up about marketing in regards to wedding professionals. So before we go too far into this, share with me a little bit about are you excited? Are you ready?


Brittany Murphy  01:58

Yeah. And I'm glad you asked me now. Now that's been a little bit since I've been engaged. Because yes, as of this point, super excited. I mean, I've always been excited. But once you kind of go through that first week or two of oh my gosh, this is so exciting. I cannot wait for it. You of course started getting bombarded by the questions of when's your wedding? Where's your wedding gonna be? I'm gonna gonna have what are you gonna wear? And at that point, you're still realizing I'm freaking engaged. Like, this is awesome. Stop asking all these questions like, that doesn't matter. Just so yes, at this point, having some things organized, having people less hound you on what you're doing is exciting, because you got to think about, you know, the day I'm spending with my best friend versus all the little details of cake, flowers, invitations, anything can be it is very excited now, all the thing, all the things, the ring, the bling, and all the things I've been trying to get together for this party.


Kristina Stubblefield  02:47

Exactly. She referenced our other podcast. And I'm glad that you've listened to that I have. So a topic come up about online presence, visibility. And it was like, I kind of poked the bear. And it was just like all of a sudden, and I was like, Brittany, will you come on and be a guest because I think hearing what you have to say which you really haven't shared much with me. So this is going to be me hearing it too, for the first time. Could be eye opening, it could be educational. And what I hope people take away from this episode is they can learn something that they can implement in their own business to help with online presence. So because you have that marketing background, where do you want to start?


Brittany Murphy  03:41

Ooh, well, I know maybe the way I started my search, good point might be a good way to kind of go about this. So just timeline references. So everyone listening kind of understands where this bride started figuring her shout out from I was engaged this year in 2022 on January 3,


Kristina Stubblefield  04:00

and as of right now, when we're recording this, it is the end of October of 2022.


Brittany Murphy  04:06

Yes, so I am about six, eight months away eight months away from the wedding at this point, okay, I did not begin searching for a lot of things until about March of this year. So I kind of gave myself a good month or two of just enjoying the moment enjoying the time not freaking out about getting everything planned. Okay. And so basically around that March just spring I went ahead and I started everything searching the big ones you want, you know, the venue food, and I started kind of going my secondary things, but really,


Kristina Stubblefield  04:38

when you say search, yeah, that's where you're going with this. Okay? Yep,


Brittany Murphy  04:42

yep. So for me, just to give people more background, I just like Christina, I'm in the marketing world. I focus primarily on like home service businesses. And so when it comes to that people are very reactive, kind of like the garden wedding planning. I have not been engaged my entire life. So I'm not proactively looking out for resources or Fatah. refer venue. I'm reactively acting to one's getting engaged how to plan a wedding event. So that is kind of similar concept I tell all of my contractors is people are now have a problem and looking for a solution. And they need that solution we found very easily. So


Kristina Stubblefield  05:14

in probably educating themselves a little bit on some things along the way,


Brittany Murphy  05:19

100% Because, as I told Christine, before, this started recording, this is my very first wedding, that I'm the bride. And now I have been a bridesmaid and a maid of honor many, many times before that, as I joked, I was like 13 dresses, not 27 just yet, but 13 dresses would be my TV show if I had one. And I kind of understood a lot of the concepts of everything, here's all the things I need. I've helped My Brides, you know, kind of plan this stuff out, look at things. But from my background, in my search, I focus more on SEO. So that's just you know, how people show up in Google. So I was mainly going to Google and typing in wedding photographers, Louisville, KY, you know, and just basically picking up all those services going through there. And Christina did poke the bear, because I told her this is how I started searching. I just went to what we all call the holy grail Google that owns literally every entity almost out there except for meta. And going through the search from they're trying to see, okay, if I type in photographers who showing up, or the reviews look like what information do they have? Do they do weddings? Have they done this recently? Have they taken any photos at my venue? All those little things you get from YouTube videos, you watch, here's all the questions to ask your photographer. I was going through the process to find these on the websites.


Kristina Stubblefield  06:29

You just hit eight or 10 things along the way, right there. Yes, because you didn't look for just reviews, you didn't look for just photos, just videos, you were looking at the entire picture, not just one snippet,


Brittany Murphy  06:45

100%. And that's where all my frustration frustration really began. Because here I was going to at least in my world, this needs to say everything about your business. So someone can call you within a pretty quick time to have you fix the roof, or broken HVAC system if it's freezing cold and winter, that people need information quickly to purchase. And it was completely opposite. When I kind of fell into this wedding industry world. I was not seeing the FAQs I needed as a first time bride to make a decision on how do I go through this? What do I do next? Is this person I want to contact? So yes, of the things I feel like when I was searching I do want to go back to touch on those. I'm looking to kind of fill a holistic bubble of enough information to help me make a decision on whether or not to email you. Now, I'm sure a lot of people know what industry hate brides, in a sense, because we probably played like Tinder, I'm sure we email out a lot of people hate is a very, very strong word. Okay, I was saying loathe earlier. So I can go back to count Olof and say lo a lot. In my industry, I dislike it as well, when people are price shopping, tire kickers, we don't like that. But people don't know what they don't know. And in our worlds as well. You know, we sell marketing. Well, no one knows what price to put on marketing, because there's all aspects, there's all qualities, there's all quantities of it. And so kinda when I was going to these websites, I'm talking when I talked to my clients, you know, I'm when am I allowed to cuss on this? Yeah, of course, you can go for it, I bitch to them about one of the biggest things is give price points, or give a little bit of process to help someone understand a pricing situation that could go into so going back to these websites, if I was able to find some websites where I did like the gallery pictures, which almost every website had pictures, I'll give that to them. I mean, thank God, this is all photography, they did have imagery on there, fairly recent. That's not hard to tell. So luckily, you know, social media, again, I don't mess with social media. But I use social media in my search. So again, even though right now I'm bitching about the website side, I was clicking on their icons, if they had it to go check out their Instagram or their Facebook, because I was able to see within that time was this a recent job you just did, or these recent engagement photos you just completed not from 567 years ago, five years ago. And that's kind of you can't always tell. And so the hard part is, if I'm a potential client, and I can't tell anything about this that wows me, then the easiest thing for me to do is push the back button and go to the next website and see if I like those pictures more. That's, I mean, it's like the showcase of your work. I mean, especially within the wedding industry, almost everything's visual. And that's the beauty of it. That's why weddings are so gorgeous. I mean not is it the only the unity of two people and everything that we should say about it, but it's still a huge freakin party. And it's always a beautiful party. At the same time. People put a lot of time and effort to make sure their friends and family have a great time with it. So yes, I will tell if they need these recent jobs in I will give applaud. There were a few people who did blog posts. And in those blog posts, I've actually say here's my most recent wedding. Here's the location that wedding was at and here's all the photos from it, which in SEO is a huge idea for them to actually go down and really kind of replicate as much as possible. because you're creating good content, not just for Google, but for me as the end user, oh, wow, they actually have photography done photography at my venue. Oh, wow. They have worked with brides in the summer season. Oh, wow, they have done this. All those little things feed clues into me that build trust.


Kristina Stubblefield  10:16

And those blog posts are usually date and timestamp. It's 100.


Brittany Murphy  10:20

Person. Yep. And that's kind of hard. So if you just have a showcase of gallery, unless you actually have dates listed on all of these and are posted, which most time galleries don't, then we're not going to know. So a quick example is the photographer, I ended up booking he was, and I actually got video services from him as well, because I'll be honest, that was a higher priority for me was video over photo. So I kind of deemed that higher my searches. And even I, I can't stop, I actually gave him feedback. I gave him a website audit during our first meeting. Here's him trying to interview me to see if I'm a good client. Here's me asking him questions. And also I'm like, Hey, do you have like, five extra minutes? Yeah, what questions you have? Actually, these questions, I'd love to ask you. He's like, Oh, I thought you're a dis? Well, they're marketing questions, you know, like, on your website? Are these actually the things I'm going to be getting out of it? He's like, Well, no, actually, those are just the 32nd clips you'll be getting. Okay. Do an example of the two minute one I'll be getting or the five minute. Um, yeah, I could get those to you. And I was like, okay, just FYI, what would save you time me time. And probably it made me book this even quicker is if you had all those examples, saying a usual package might include a 32nd, two minute and a five or seven minute video, here's the examples of what that would look like below. And now could actually see oh, wow, so they all look different. They all have different fields. So it's like I'm paying for one video that keeps getting cropped, shorter and shorter, until the variations in the actual personality of this videographer at the same time. So even though that's maybe not what you think, is a deciding factor, these are all visual things we're taking in because especially I know I'm stuck on photography right now. But if your world is all based on the visual aspects of it, even in his situation, I was like, Don't not give me that info, I don't need you to post all of your last weddings, I don't need 100 videos on here. Even if you had one or two examples, and had all of those three videos, each of these two weddings got that's only six videos total, I would watch all of those. And it would give me enough clue to say, Okay, this guy is worth the price, or I know what's included within it. I feel good with this quality and the work I'd be getting with it.


Kristina Stubblefield  12:15

And you also mentioned you were wanting to read more also about the experience, like you worded it about what was included with packages. But honestly, like you mentioned with wedding professionals, they are part of the overall experience. Yes, it is the union of two people. And but yes, it ends up being a party. And that's what I heard out of your words is, I feel like blog is a great example. By blogging, you can share how this amazing event came together. And although you might not read it, there's people out there that will, a tip that i A lot of times tell people is the next day, the next week, sit down with your cell phone, turn on the video and just talk to that phone like it is a potential client and share with them about the event you just did. It's fresher in your mind, you're going to have points about it that maybe somebody else doesn't, not only is owed a way to document your hard work energy and effort. It also is a way for you to showcase your professionalism, your experience that you're helped deliver. Because sometimes that is very hard to showcase. In short form video that is so popular right now, or in photos. And blogging is great. I usually encourage people to do both video and include the wording. That way no matter if your audience wants to read or watch. And I think that people have just looked at blogging. Oh, that's for just information. Oh, that's for this that. And you assume that your audience might not necessarily like that form. So I think it's really important. A lot of those points. A lot of your points are like rolled in there like Power Balls like yeah, okay, that includes 10 different items. Yeah.


Brittany Murphy  14:18

And the easy way I would rather break that down is you if you want to think about this very, very simply is there's a million different personality types, and we're all salespeople for our business. So we've talked to enough people to know everybody's different. We talked to them, so your website has to speak to that. Are there the people who just are quick hitters Hey, I went with FAQ pages, what do you include? What's the pricing look like? few pictures. Okay, great. Book a call. Then you have other people. Okay, maybe this is our first time planning it. Maybe they have no idea what's been included. Maybe they've never been in weddings before. They have no idea what your process looks like. Nothing is helping them on your website to feel comfortable enough to call you so you have to think Am I good enough information to the person that wants to do more research and by the way, sometimes people who do more Research are better clients, because they've actually qualified themselves through reading all of this information on your website to say, Holy shit. This is who I need to work with. And I know just jam packed three more tips into that lesson to know


Kristina Stubblefield  15:14

one thing I'm going to call out Ding, ding, ding, ideal clients. So many times wedding professionals are yes, people. Yes, I'm available on that date. Yes, yes, yes. And then Holy shit 12 or 18 Months go by. And that's really you just said yes, because you wanted to book another event, or you want to go ahead and seal that deal. And what you've just said by pre qualifying, that's really drilling down to more your ideal client. And Brittany, another thing there is, so many people are hearing only have three seconds only have five seconds to get people's attention. And they're cutting way back on what they're putting out there on their website, whether they have somebody do it or they do it themselves. It does not hurt to have an FAQ page, a process page. Here's different packages. And this is what's included. So what that not everyone reads it. But what about those, that one it and it's not there, you said it earlier, it's easy to hit the back button and move on.


Brittany Murphy  16:18

Yeah. And think about the same time, this is a benefit to you, you were saving your time doing this. Even the website for our business selling marketing services, I just talked with my business partner, I said, Hey, we need to update the pricing page. Because I want to listen people there if they're curious on what the expectations of investment might be. So that way they I mean, it's a very long blog post, we've all given examples. I mean, yes, everything we just said we have it on this blog post, so they can read it. And to me, I'm also qualifying that person, hey, if you have time to read this, and then if after reading this, you still understand the investment made up to go forward with this. You're my ideal client, because you understand that this is a long term investment, you understand, things aren't overnight, we can do those things. But most of the time has to be a long term journey together. Here's how we expect to view here's what you should expect from us. And we have great relationships, and it's not a conflict moving forward. And as you said before, not everyone you choose to work with as a vendor on your wedding day is going to be involved in every single aspect. But during the sales process, the people I talked to, that was when they're selling features. Hey, if you have any questions, bounce them off of me. And I love that because in my head, I heard okay, you're welcome to being a part of the process, which now makes me trust you a bit more, because that means you might give a shit about me. That's why you're answering my questions. You want me to have a really good experience with this. So now equally,


Kristina Stubblefield  17:33

the experience is not just the day of oh my god,


Brittany Murphy  17:36

Christina. No, it starts the first experience. I have any contact with you if anyone thought differently than that. Even if


Kristina Stubblefield  17:43

it's on Google, even if it's on Google before, they've talked to you emailed anything. The first experience is now happening without an in person meeting, a phone call an email, a text and anything.


Brittany Murphy  17:56

Yeah. And I'll be honest, I since I said, I've been in 13 weddings, I asked all my girlfriends, hey, who would you recommend for some of these aspects? You know, I don't know, a DJ, can you give me who you'd recommend? And getting those referrals? is great. Yes, I did reach out to those businesses, if I liked their website. So that's also one thing I think we're forgetting is word of mouth is great is usually a better conversion portion of it, but they're still going to check out other places to look at you imagine if I got a referral for this DJ, and I met with him and I said, Oh, this sounds awesome. But I look at his reviews and he's a 2.5 out of 50 reviews. You think I'm still gonna book a call with that DJ?


Kristina Stubblefield  18:35

Probably not. Okay, what you just said there, though. So many people are saying something about our website's dead websites aren't as important. People aren't going to my website, I got news for you. I'll go up against anybody to tell you. Your website is the foundation of your business. I like short form video, like YouTube, tik, Tok, Instagram, all of that. But if you think that your website goes on the back burner, because now that Tik Tok is out there, you're sadly mistaking, and unfortunately, what's happening is a costing you business, you don't even know about


Brittany Murphy  19:19

100%. I mean, if you think about any aspect of I have limited time on my plate to also do all this research to find vendors. So again, it's think about think about on the client side, you know what is going to make their lives even easier. So for example, I saw a few videographers who only had an Instagram now, not that I'm going to rant about them too hard. But what the only problem I would say to someone who depends solely on social media as their only place to house their content, is I had to watch 20 different posts to try to get enough information about what this person did. And after 20 I got bored, I couldn't find it. I kind of got frustrated and I said you know what, this doesn't really seem maybe a good fit for me if they're making it this is hard for me to find out this information.


Kristina Stubblefield  20:01

Let me ask you a question on that, where most of those posts just about events? Did you ever see the owner or the business? Did you ever see any resource information or tips to give you any kind of vibe about this business other than maybe their style?


Brittany Murphy  20:20

Very few. And I'm glad you bring that up, because the few people who did showcase like, Hey, here's a quick testimonial, I got, hey, here's a free ebook I have of all the, I mean, this is great cheat. I mean, guys, you shouldn't write down his notes what we're talking about this. I mean, one person was said the best top 10 venues to get married in Louisville, and it was a photographer, you could use for any industry. But that was like, Oh, actually, you know, I'm still going to venues, you know, I'm looking photographer, I mean, I'm looking for a lot of things are important to me. But hey, if my photographer can influence the venue, like I'm open to seeing where you think's best, because you probably know these places better than me, they gave something back laid something back, knowing what kind of person and they built trust in that person. And unfortunately, I reached out there were booked. And I was like, Well, I know why, because you're making this easy for me. But most of those places don't all they're doing majority of time is just showcasing some pictures or videos of their work over and over again, which is great. I want to see consistency in your product, the quality that you do. But I only get to know so much about you and your company and your process. How would how, how are you going to handle anything crisis wise, that might happen? I'm not doing anything of that other than here's a project that went well. And this is what it looked like.


Kristina Stubblefield  21:24

Nothing about the know, like and trust factor. Now you're, of course, people are looking for different style of photos and video, and in decor and design, I get all of that. But I think that sometimes you get so wrapped up, you know, because a lot of times, I will tell people, I say a lot. wedding professionals have the most content available at their fingertips. And a lot of times what I'm talking about is events where they can take pictures and video clips, and here and there. But that doesn't mean don't put out some kind of content about you your business, why do you do it, you know, testimonials and things like that. And, you know, I know that this may sound like a harsher episode. But while I why I knew that this one was so important, was it's coming straight from a source, you just went through this, you understand the marketing side of it. And sometimes you have to hear the hard truth, to really make it resonate and be like, Okay, I get it. And it can also sound like, Okay, I gotta keep my social media channels up to date, my Google, my website, my this, my that. But the world we're in with the World Wide Web, it you most of the time, your audiences are looking in multiple places, not just one. So I'm glad you've also kind of rolled that into what you've been talking about.


Brittany Murphy  22:55

Yeah, and one thing I thought of was, I mean, I sell websites, I know their investment. And even when I was driving my way here, I said, I really want to make sure that one thing we say is you have to frickin have that website. And I'm sure Kristina would back me up on this, I don't care if you go to and get a free template and just make this website yourself, you do not need to buy a fancy website, the fact you have one and actually put this information on top of it is going to be way far and above half of your competitors right there. Now imagine if you take a step further, what type of authority could you be, then?


Kristina Stubblefield  23:25

I would agree with you there. And I feel like a lot of times wedding professionals get in their own way. It's hard for them to talk about themselves to talk about their services, because you're all wrapped up in your own business. And that's why a lot of times, you know, even with our own website for our business, having someone on the outside to pull that information and stuff out can be beneficial. But you got to have your information out there.


Brittany Murphy  23:54

Yeah, and I mean, I'm not sure if anyone does this. But if you have like follow up calls with your couples, brides grooms after asking them how things went, I know probably simple of a process to ask for review. That's great. But do you actually have a way to like, chat with them really quick and get some feedback afterwards? Because the reasons they decide to buy and book with you. The reasons are still happy with buying and booking from you could be two different reasons before and then after close a purchase. So even though things like that it's it's putting information in, it's going to help me so whatever other brides are saying about you is probably information as a bride i would want but you're not going to know that unless you ask. And then also you don't share these in all the right places. No one's going to know that about you either because it is hard to talk about yourself.


Kristina Stubblefield  24:36

The other thing you just mentioned is by having those conversations at the beginning, middle and end. Listen, the lingo a lot of times that engaged couples use compared to wedding professionals is different. And you can learn some things there with keywords with information And, you know, you don't have to use big fancy terminology. One thing we say, an engaged person may not say, and there's so much power in listening to your clients throughout the process and jotting some of that down, maybe what they called your package, or one of my favorite things to ask is, you know, in your own words, what do you think I provided? And it's crazy how much different than answers in, in what I do not even as a wedding vendor, because I don't offer any services for engaged couples, other than the free podcast. But listening, you can hear so much to turn around and implement in your business somewhere in your marketing.


Brittany Murphy  25:47

Yeah, I mean, one of the biggest marketing tips I give my guys is, when that phone call comes in, or that email comes in from a prospect? What questions are they asking? write those questions down? When you get that question again, put a tally mark beside it, by the end of the month, you will know your top ask questions. If those are not on your website, within the FAQ site and the FAQ within the next 90 days, I'm gonna hunt you down. No, I mean that I'm getting serious about this, because those are questions we're asking. And again, it's


Kristina Stubblefield  26:14

if you've heard from two, there's at least another 10 out there that have not reached out.


Brittany Murphy  26:19

And the thing you have to remember is Google told Christmas or Google's or new best friend, we don't always ask our mother or father or best friend or sister or brother for advice, or hey, what would you do this situation? We're taking an internally, and we're saying Google, which we do in this situation. Because in the day, we might be embarrassed, we might be shy, or we just want the information before we continue on because we don't want to sound dumb. So again, your FAQs are making someone sound more informed when they do talk to you, you actually can have a better conversation. Again, like Christina said, do not use all the technical verbiage, because when they would use that with me, I would make literally a deer in the headlight face. And I was like, can you explain that, like, I'm just gonna let you fly by like, I don't know what any of this is. So please, oh, okay. And they will go through it. So it's hard to get caught in your own world. We're used to this every day. So I say SEO. And I will say it a million times a day, like everybody knows what that word is. Not everybody knows what that acronym actually stands for. So I have to use other words to make sure that people stand in what I do and kind of back via versa. So it's one of those things, if people are already asking you once or twice, that means they've typed it into Google 10 times more than that. So don't just think onesies and twosies, like 10s, or 20s to hundreds of people are typing this in in your city? Because they don't know what the answer is. And if you could actually be the authority to answer that for them. Wow, what a place to be in where they're on your frickin website, getting the answer to this. Who's the authority now? Preach? Just keep going, say it louder for the people in the back. Right? Absolutely.


Kristina Stubblefield  27:49

And this is one of those episodes, that you may have to go back and listen to two, three or four times, or like Britney said, jot down some notes. That that's how much this is packing in. But I wanted you all to hear straight from her because it's not a lot. I had a conversation with Brittany and I know her because of this. You're hearing it straight from the horse's mouth. So


Brittany Murphy  28:13

yes. Okay. And to recap, since we did mention a few things. What I looked at when I did a search for for any of the vendors I wanted to use is I look for a gallery. I look for FAQ questions. I love the process page. What does this look like? What's the journey with you going to look like my experience?


Kristina Stubblefield  28:27

And the reason you said that is because you haven't done this, even though you've been in other weddings? You haven't been the bride? Yes. So you wanted to know more about


Brittany Murphy  28:35

that. 100%. So um, again, just because we've been to a lot of weddings does not mean I know how to book the DJ, I've never done that, or what to look for anything like that, anything like that. Pricing is always when I push my clients towards and here's something if you're going to fight on pricing, at least consider putting a start set, if you are going to go bare bones and fight us, you know, tooth and nail on this, at least puts a start set again, that's just a qualifying thing. If your Packages start at five, you need to put that on there. You might be thinking you're scaring people away. But really, you're scaring people who thought this was 500. And we're never gonna pay that regardless, and they don't value your quality. So you're helping yourself out on that louder for the people in the back, please. And in regards to that. Also a Testimonials page. You have to be sharing these things. We're going to check out your Facebook, we're going to check out your Google we're going to check out anywhere else we think reviews might be made just to make sure we're doing a little background check on you that your legitimate business, you're not going to fly by night on us because there are too many things on this day that we do not want to go wrong. Absolutely. You're gonna do that research on it. But again, you are websites that house to bring everything in. So bring those testimonials in. If you have video testimonials if you've recorded any of your brides, you know at the venue or following up with them. You had a zoom call Hey, describe what I did for you. What are your thoughts on this? Can I record this Those are amazing videos because now it's out of that brides mouth it's on your website is building all together. I can go to the FAQ page. Oh yeah, she had this package. Okay, cool. That makes me more interested in this package because she talked about all the things she got and easily contacting you like those are the ain't like the Holy Grail, all the things I looked at. So check your websites out guys look for all those different pages. Because I can tell you nine out of 10 brides are looking at all those things to make a decision whether or not their mother said you had to use this referral. Their friend said you should use this referral. We're all doing our work because again, a lot of things happened over that horrible time in our life a couple years ago, we don't want to mention anymore. So when it comes to that we're a little more nervous and skittish about anything pandemic related. So with that, all these different aspects of how they're going to search for you like just to get doula quick audit. And if you don't have any information on those, just start collecting it, even if that means you build a page now, and you add testimonials as you get them. I would rather that than no page at all, because now I'm like, Okay, there's one but at least I can read it versus not having that.


Kristina Stubblefield  30:43

All I can say is wow, what great information that Brittany is sharing and you're going to be able to implement these tips and strategies in your business. Now you don't want to miss the next two parts of this episode series. Also, if you haven't already joined the free Facebook group, please do so. You can get the link just by visiting when pro Thanks for tuning in. Until next time, see ya