Feb. 6, 2023

Leverage Your Knowledge and Experience to Create Consistent Content

This episode is about how to pull more information out of yourself to share with the world, your community, and your ideal clients. To do this, it is important to take a step back and look at the solutions you provide for your clients. It is also important to think about what have you been asked from potential clients in the last week, or what have you had conversations about in the past few months. Writing down these things will help you to come up with content to share. Don’t forget about your experiences and knowledge when jotting down ideas for content. Additionally, it is important to be consistent with the content you share. Doing this will help to build the know, like and trust factor with potential clients. Remember, it may take time to develop and execute this process, but focusing and allowing yourself the space to establish habits will be beneficial in the long run.
 Kristina encourages business owners to remember consistency is key and will produce results. It may not happen over night but implementing a process will help you develop good habits for delivering content long term.

 00:00:00 Creating Consistent Content
 00:01:28 Creating Content Through Brain Dumps
 00:03:51 Your Knowledge and Experience
 00:10:48 The Benefits of Consistency
 00:12:34 Implementation for Success

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[00:00:00] Kristina Stubblefield: Thank you for tuning in to WedPro Business Solutions. I'm your host, Kristina Stubblefield. If you've listened to me for any period of time, you probably know that I encourage people to use systems and processes and today's topic it's going to seem like I'm going in a little bit different direction, but I believe you'll see where it all comes back together.

[00:00:24] So many times, wedding professionals and businesses in general ask me about content. How can I consistently put out content? Well, what does that come back to? Having a process? I don't need to tell you that there's so many different social media platforms out there, and it again, can seem like it's very overwhelming.

[00:00:53] Which ones do you show up on? How much time do you spend on it? And this episode is not about that, but what I want to share with you is people don't realize how much knowledge. Information, experience, solutions, ideas that you have to share with people. All of that is content pieces. Stay with me for a minute here when you are working on your social media and let's just get it out there.

[00:01:28] A lot of times people fly by the seat of their pants. We've talked and talked about planning, scheduling, and having it done for periods of time, and that's not the easiest for some people. They don't understand how to get there, and that's where it comes back to having a process can help you get there.

[00:01:49] Whether it's scheduled a week out, two weeks out, a month out, whatever works best for you. I wanna share with you a solution. Because me, as well as probably a lot of people listening think, what am I gonna talk about? If I'm gonna go live, what's gonna be my topic? If I'm gonna do a podcast episode, what am I gonna talk about?

[00:02:10] So one of the things that I started doing a while ago was what I call like a brain dump. And I really started asking myself questions like this: In the past week or two. What have people been asking me about? What questions have they had in their business? Over the past few months, what are the most topics that I hear about or that I'm in a conversation about?

[00:02:41] So before we go too much further, this is what I'm going to tell you how you can get the most out of this episode, get you a piece of paper. If you are digital and technology. I like to be there, but sometimes I like a good pen and piece of paper. So get out your phone if you're not on it and open up a the note section or if you're on your desktop, use word or whatever makes it easier for you. I want to pull this information out of you because you have so much more to share with the world, your community, your target audience, your ideal clients than you probably really think about. So let's go. First things first. What do you do for people? When someone uses your products, your services, whatever it is that you sell or offer in your business, what are you doing for them?

[00:03:42] Now, before you say to me, Kristina, I'm a wedding planner. I plan people's weddings. I am going to say you are so much more than. Now, this is a rabbit hole I could spend a lot of time in because wedding planners do a lot more than just plan people's weddings or events. Even if you are a dj, a photographer, a calligrapher, gosh, I hope I said that right, whatever it is you offer, you are providing so much more than just that item.

[00:04:23] I have been guilty of this myself. What do you do? Well, how much time do you got? But I want you to sit with this piece of paper or this blank screen and start putting down what is it that you provide for people. Let me give you a scenario. Walk yourself through that client journey, start from the beginning.

[00:04:49] From the time they sign that contract, what do you provide to them? You really need to go through each step that you do with someone, for someone, however you wanna word it. If you spend the time doing this, you are going to have so many bullet point, so many words written on the sheet. This doesn't have to be perfect. Just get it out. No rhyme or reason. Just get it on the paper or on the screen. Then you can venture on down the path to the topics I posed before. What have you been asked from potential clients in the last week?

[00:05:34] What have you had conversations with other vendors or other business owners in the past month? Then, put that down. What I want you to take away from this is this should be constantly updated information. You should constantly be adding to this. This right here, it's your topics for whatever it is you do. Blogging, podcasting, social media posts. I bet you probably have more than five or 10 things written down at this point.

[00:06:13] You have to do the work. There's no way around it. I'm not inside your head. I'm not there next to you every day in your business. Most of us only have a perception of what you. What you share, whether it be on social media, in your email marketing material, at wedding shows when you're talking to people, that's what people know that you do or you specialize in... what you share with them.

[00:06:45] That's most of the time all people have to go on, including engaged couples. So if your post constantly say, need a wedding planner. Looking for a dj. Why you? What do you offer them? And this is something that is going to take some time. Sure, you can get out a piece of paper and scratch down 20 different things. Absolutely. But when you really start allowing yourself the space, The time to step back and say, what in the world do I do for my clients? You will find that you have so much more content than you ever thought about.

[00:07:32] The next step to that is prioritizing that content, and I can keep going and going and going with this, but as I said at the beginning, this comes back to a process. How you take your knowledge, your experience, and put it out in bits and pieces. The best way to get to consistency, because that's what it takes out there, no matter who you are, no matter what industry you're in, online presence takes consistency and if anyone's telling you any different, I would probably disagree. Now, can you pay lots of money, every month to increase awareness and how you show up in the search engines? But I'll come back to one of my pillar things. People want to do business with people, not a business name on the screen. Share with people what you on a consistent basis, it will produce results. And the best way to keep that up is having a step-by-step process that you utilize on a regular basis. Now, I would love to sit here and tell you owning your own business, you just pay this company and pay that company and they do these services for you. But I've been in this game for a long time. I share with people, what I do is collaborations. I'm not here to run your business for you. Why would that be? Because you hold the answers. You hold the information. You are the specialist. You have the content. It's getting it out of your head, prioritizing it, and then executing something with it. A blog post, a social media post, an email blast, any of those things... on a consistent basis. And that my friends is using a process to your benefit. Does it take time to execute ? Of course, anything does.

[00:09:51] We didn't establish habits overnight. I wish we could rewind some of them overnight, but it doesn't happen. By holding yourself accountable and coming up with a process that works for you and your business that can turn into so many things for you. I say it can produce results because I don't know what it is you want.

[00:10:17] I don't know if you want to tap more into your ideal clients. I don't know if you just want more leads, and I've done it. I've seen it. I've worked with several people about it. Consistency wins. Consistency wins. And that's why I wanted to share with you, this is a solution that anyone at any stage in their business can implement. You don't have to overcomplicate it, you don't have to have a complicated system as people call it.

[00:10:42] I just call it a system or a software or a tool. You can literally have a piece of paper and a pen and go to work. Now, is there more to this? Sure, there are different layers to this, but this is the starting point. And it doesn't matter if you've been in business for 20 plus years or you started two months ago.

[00:11:05] This is a solution that anyone can implement immediately in their business. Most of the time I see wedding professionals and business owners that have been at it for a long time. You've seen things been part of things that could be out of a movie. And I'm not saying you have to share everything out there. But to build the know, like and trust factor is sharing your expertise, your experience with events, that is a way to connect. People want to connect with people, and I'm going to keep saying that. And this is a process that you can use... implement. That's the key word. You have to do something with it, implement in your business, and get results. 

[00:11:56] I hope that you found this helpful. I would love to hear your feedback. Do you have your own process? Is this something you've been doing? Share with me. I make it super, super easy. Number one, you can get in the free Facebook group that I have, WedPro Business Community.

[00:12:14] The other nice thing is on my podcast website, if you just go to kristinastubblefield.com, you can get over to my podcast website. There's a little microphone in the bottom right corner, and you can record a message. You don't even have to type anything. If you have questions, reach out. Hey, I'm Kristina. I'm a person that you can reach out to and in any case that you need a guide with you, if you need someone to be alongside of you to help pull this information out and get it down and into a process.

[00:12:52] I do that. I do that with clients on a regular basis. Reach out, schedule a consultation, and let's talk about your business and your needs. 

[00:13:03] Until next time, my friends, take care and I'll talk to you soon.